Devil’s Lake Camping Trip! 7.19.16

Good morning and happy Tuesday!:) Excited to post a short recap of our camping trip last Saturday. Even though it was only one night and two half-days, it was a blast!

After we ran the Port Fish Days 8k Saturday morning with my dad (I’ll recap in a later blog post), we packed up our stuff and headed West to Devil’s Lake near the Wisconsin Dells to camp for one night with our good friends who live in Oshkosh. The drive was nice, and Baymax did a wonderful job:) So proud of him, as ALWAYS!

When we got there, we immediately set up camp, made some snacks, and went on our first hike. We visited a doggy swimming area (which Baymax loved/hated at the same time) and saw some gorgeous sites. This hike took us up up up a looong steep hill that was mostly a gravel path, since Kasey and Matt (our friends) wanted to see the sunset at a good vantage point:)

Needless to say, it was absolutely worth the sweaty hike up and down, and Baymax was pretty sleepy when we got to the top:)

Pretty much the cutest picture EVER❤ Photo cred: Patrick.

We let him rest at the top and chew on some of his choice sticks that he found around us.

The way down was ALL ROCKS. And we had to jump and leap and maneuver any way we could to get down. It was a blast! Got in over 20,000 steps that day:)

We grilled the most DELICIOUS chicken sausages over the course of two days. We had spinach and garlic (eh, to me) but then also had roasted red pepper and asiago cheese (WINNER!). Onnnnnnn pretzel buns because #duh.

Settling down for the night was so relaxing. Nothing really compares to that campfire warmth and smell.:)

That night was INTERESTING, to say the last. We had a TON of rain, just torrential downpours, and luckily our tent didn’t flood. Baymax did okay with the lightning and thunder but still required much attention at 2am to calm him down. Anything for the puppy :) 

Woke up the next morning and cleaned up our site, made some breakfast, and headed out for our last hike before we headed home.

I love my family❤ We had such a great time and I’m SO excited for when we leave on our LONG camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park next week!

Peace, love, and GO CAMPING:)

Thursday Thoughts- Hot Hot Summer! 7.21.16

This is a note I got last week when I came home from work. Yes, Patrick used to sell some of the best knives in the world. And he won’t let me forget it😉

Happy Thursday friends!! Joining Amanda at Running with Spoons again! How has everyone been in this HOT HOT HEAT? We have definitely had the A/C on some nights lately, which I’m usually totally against. But we have a puppy (and ourselves) to keep comfortable, so it’s had to happen a few times.

Let’s see… where did we leave off…?

Patrick and I went to a very lovely wine tasting last week at a local restaurant/winery with some of our good friends! Michael and Susan had free tastings so YEAH we all went and tried some pretty delicious wine and MAY have left with two bottles for ourselves:)

Baymax has been doing so wonderfully – he OFFICIALLY hit over 50 pounds yesterday!!! We definitely had a party and jumped around and clapped and congratulated him for being so BEEEEEEG:)

I bring him to work 2-3 times a week and he just loves it (obviously) and naps a LOT (obviously).

My July inversions goal has been going great too! I love trying new inversions and letting my body just completely relax in an upside down pose. It’s very soothing and allows my body to focus and still detach from what’s going on around me. Pretty awesome.

Last Thursday and Friday, my sister was in town for Bastille Days! Milwaukee has one of the best festivals to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille and France’s Independence Day. It’s absolutely one of my favorite festivals of the year, so we went twice! My family went, along with our great friends Mitch and Lindsey:)

Even in the midst of all the craziness and sadness that happened on Thursday night😦 My heart goes out to the city of Nice, and all of France. The entire festival had a long moment of silence on Friday night after that devastating tragedy that took so many beautiful lives on a day that should have been a celebration❤

The next morning, my dad, Patrick and I ran our traditional Port Fish Days 8k! We run it every year, and LOVE the beautiful route around Port Washington. I think I even PR’ed this year! It was a scorching hot day, but we swam afterwards and had delicious breakfast to celebrate too:)

These last few weeks have been wonderful, and we have another fun-filled weekend ahead! THEN OUR CAMPING TRIP FOR MY BIRFDAYYY:)

Pretty stoked, yes.:)

Have a gorgeous day, loves! I’ll just leave you with this…

Marvelously Busy Monday 7.11.16

Morning everybody!

PHEW, this has been a crazy few weeks. We have been hyper busy, so pardon my lack of blogging:) But I’m back, so it’s all good again!

My yoga challenges have been a blast! And I’ve been doing inversions every day of July, which is wonderful! I have been doing these little daily celebrations for my birthday month:) Since I love inversions!

One of my favorite poses, officially. ^❤

Friday night, we drove to Chicago and spent time with our friends for his birthday. We had a delicious dinner and then saw my sister and her boyfriend for brunch the next morning!:) Loving the #Chicagobrunchlife.


After we came home on Saturday, we rested and got ourselves ready for the next EARLY morning on Sunday – for our first International length triathlon at Pewaukee Lake! We are so happy with how we did, and it was seriously the most beautiful day. A wonderful event and a beautiful course- I’m so happy:)

My wonderful 15 year+ friend Kaylin did the event too!! She is incredible, and totally has the triathlon bug now!:) You go girl!

Obviously had to celebrate with a massive omelet for me and a massive burrito for Patrick after the event!:)

Last week (obviously I forgot to blog about it), I made zucchini muffins with the LOADS of zucchini we got from our CSA box. I am making more tonight and SO PUMPED to devour themmmmmm❤

We also made an egg bake (it’s been too long!) and you can clearly tell which side is covered in tomato basil cheese for Mr. Patrick😉

Baymax is doing really super amazingly well. He loves coming to work and running around, eating treats from everyone who walks by, and obviously napping wrapped up in his doggy friend’s blanket:)

We are smitten.

Have a wonderful week! Love, Me and Baymax❤

Peace, xoxo


Thursday Thoughts – Later, June! 6.30.16

Short post for today – and it’s all Patrick, Baymax, yoga, and food.:) AKA my life.

Baymax’s 4 month birthday was this week. And we are so proud of how far he’s come. He knows how to sit, wait, leave it, down, paw, and “GET IT” when it comes to ants, toys, or people we see on the street (haha, kidding).

He’s always hanging with me when I yoga at home too.:) And Patrick, always willing to take my pictures for me. I know, I’m spoiled.

This week at the gym has been filled with classes. Body Pump, Intervals, and Body Pump again tomorrow. I am very excited about some upcoming changes in my “teaching schedule” next week, and I’ll explain more about that when it comes to fruition (cliff-hangerrrrr).

Baymax’s face when we cooked the (below) food.

Our friend gave us some delicious stuffed chicken breasts for our house warming gift! What a unique gift, I might add. We grilled them out and WOAH, they were amazing. First of all, they were all wrapped in bacon, which makes them automatic winners. But some were stuffed with cheese, some with peppers… *drool*.

We’ve also been KILLIN IT making these homemade pizzas. All our toppings are fresh, and the crust is sprouted grains. AKA my tummy is extremely happy:)

I bet you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged about running in awhile. Well, it’s because I haven’t really been running. Lifting, yoga, and HIIT workouts have dominated my realm for the last couple weeks. Picking up running again will happen…soon. More of that to come:)

Have a beautiful day, amigos and amigas❤:) Tomorrow is JULY!

Joined with Amanda at Running with Spoons for this post:)


Marvelous Monday Musings 6.27.16

Happy Mondayyyyyyyyy!

Really, I’m this awake right now. We had a fantastic weekend, guys. We saw tons of family and friends, and also got a solid amount of Baymax/chill time. I’d say it was a great success!


Handstands outside my house HAVE to happen.:)


So Friday was “National Bring Your Pet To Work Day” and I obviouslyyyy had to partake. Being this is our first pet and all:) And because he’s the cutest dang puppy ever. He had such a fun time at work, with our walks and playing with all my coworkers:)



Always involved in some kind of a yoga challenge too. Lately, I’ve been so sore from my classes and regular weight lifting schedule that I’ve been using yoga for stretching and opening my muscles and fascia again, as opposed to strength improvement. It’s been wonderful to switch it up!


Saturday morning, my sister, Patrick and I drove to Madison for my grandma’s 80th Birthday! She doesn’t look or act a day over 60 and she is seriously one of my favorite humans on earth. We had such a fun time with family and I got to reunite with my cousins on that side who I don’t see as much anymore! Really a great family gathering:)


Saturday night after we got back home, we had our HOUSEWARMING party! I’ve never hosted a party at an apartment of mine, so this was a first. AND I got to share this time with Patrick in our new home:) We had so many friends come and visit and even got some housewarming gifts! Which we were not expecting. A fun time was had by all, and we definitely will be having more get-togethers in the future since this was such a success!


Sunday, we cleaned and relaxed and went for long walks. It was kind of the most perfect Sunday ever:)

Did I mention frozen yogurt? Yeah that always makes it a better Sunday😉


Our wonderful friends who live 3+ hours away came to visit us too! It was a wonderful time hanging out and catching up:) We love seeing friends we haven’t seen in awhile❤ Thanks for visiting Ashlie and John!


I hope you all feel the warmth and marvelousness today too:) It’s going to be a beautiful Monday and even more gorgeous week ahead❤

Peace, xoxo.


Summer Lovin- Thinking Out loud 6.23.16

Hi friends! From Baymax and me:)


Wisconsin has the kookiest weather, I swear. BUT I cannot complain about the humidity, the heat, the rain because frankly, I LOVE IT ALL:) Secretly wish I was living in Florida, but then I don’t think I would love summer as much if I had it all year round? There’s no logic to this thinking, I know.

Just recapping with Thursday Thoughts today! With Running with Spoons:)

So I HAVE to point out how amazing our Father’s Day dinner was last weekend. We made shrimp po’ boys. Yeah, see below.


Could I eat one every day? Probably yes. But I won’t try it (HA). Seriously amazing food. And a great day celebrating THE POP:)image

And for brunch Sunday morning, we finally cooked up our maple blueberry organic sausages from Whole Foods and used a bunch of our veggies and potatoes from our CSA to make an egg scramble. Now THAT I could live off every day:)


My yoga practice has been going wonderfully and I’m SO EXCITED to finally take a Hot Yoga class for the first time in forever. OH and my amazing friend whom I’ve known since I was 12 is teaching it. Pretty freaking awesome right? That’ll be a recap for next week:)



Late night walks with Baymax are so much fun. Always have to throw yoga poses in there too:)




I also have FINALLY started swimming again. I know, it’s been too long. But I have two Olympic length triathlons coming up this summer, so it’s ’bout time. I’ve swam twice this week, both quarter mile lap pool swims. AMAZING that my gym has an outdoor lap pool❤

On Tuesday we went to Chill on the Hill again with our lovely beautiful friends:) Enjoyed sammiches, salads and Sangria. THE BEST. And Baymax, of course, was the center of attention:) With everyone singing West Side Story to him (haha!)


We celebrated Summer Solstice together with a DELICIOUS homemade pizza with our CSA veggies on sprouted grain pizza crust. WOAH guys. Our food game is steppin’ up!

I hope you all are enjoying this amazing summer so far (now that it “officially” started this week!). What are some awesome things you’ve been up to? Tell me all!


Peace, xoxo.


Thursday Thoughts 6.16.16

Good Thursday morning lovelies! Jumping in to Thursday Thoughts with Amanda at Running with Spoons!

I was just chatting with Patrick last night about how I cannot BELIEVE it’s the middle of June already. Where has the time gone? Summer! Can’t you slow down please?!:)


My yoga challenges are going swimmingly, and I love incorporating certain poses into my daily weight lifting/running/yoga practice. It’s nice to have a target, a goal, and something to always look forward to every morning and night (when I actually do my practice).


Baymax wanted to be involved in this one. I tried doing Fish Pose. He thought otherwise:)


I think maybe someday he’ll want to try some poses with me too:)


My inversions are by far my favorite poses. I am still trying to perfect my handstand with no assistance whatsoever, but it is still a teensy bit daunting. I’ll get there someday! Just gotta keep practicing…


I also got my newest Lokai bracelet in the mail this week! I find this company to be incredibly inspiring, as they create bracelets for all kinds of causes and charities. Not to mention, this blue color is one of my FAVES. Baymax seems to love it too😉


Baymax is still pretty much the happiest puppy around. He sleeps, eats, plays, and sleeps.Pretty much the life we’d all want to live, right??


And he likes Mulan. Can you say BEST PUPPY EVER?


We took him to the vet on Tuesday  night for the first time and he actually loved it. He was playing with the vet and the vet tech, eating all the treats, and didn’t even flinch when he had a vaccination. What a perfect pup:)

I hope everybody is doing well out there! Thanks for always reading my life updates about running, my handsome boyfriend, and my sweet little puppy:)

Peace, xoxo.